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The Morgan Affair - Justification To Condemn Millions?

The following quotes are a summary of a couple of paragraphs in the book, “The Character, Claims And Practical Workings Of Freemasonry” 1869 by Rev. C. G. Finney - Chapter II - "THE MURDER OF WILLIAM MORGAN, CONFESSED BY THE MAN WHO, WITH HIS OWN HANDS, PUSHED HIM OUT OF THE BOAT INTO NIAGARA RIVER. The entire book may be read at,


"The following account of that tragical scene is taken from a pamphlet entitled, 'Confession of the murder of William Morgan, as taken down by Dr. John L. Emery, of Racine County, Wisconsin, in the summer of 1848, and now (1849) first given to the public:'. . .”

"This 'Confession' was taken down as related by Henry L. Valance, who acknowledges himself to have been one of the three who were selected to make a final disposition of the ill-fated victim of Masonic vengeance. . . “

"He proceeds with an interesting narrative of the proceedings of the fraternity in reference to Morgan. . . Three of their number were to be selected by ballot to execute the deed. 'Eight pieces of paper were procured, five of which were to remain blank, while the letter D was written on the others. These pieces of paper were placed in a large box, from which each man was to draw one at the same moment. After drawing we were all to separate, without looking at the paper that each held in his hand. So soon as we had arrived at certain distances from the place of rendezvous, the tickets were to be examined, and those who held blanks were to return instantly to their homes; and those who should hold marked tickets were to proceed to the fort [Fort Niagara] at midnight, and there put Morgan to death, in such a manner as should seem to themselves most fitting. . .

“Arrangements were made immediately for executing the sentence passed upon their prisoner, which was to sink him in the river with weights; in hope, says Mr. Valance, 'that he and our crime alike would thus be buried beneath the waves.' His part was to proceed to the magazine where Morgan was confined, and announce to him his fate--theirs was to procure a boat and weights with which to sink him. . . Morgan being placed in the bow with myself, along side of him. My comrades took the oars, and the boat was rapidly forced out into the river. The night was pitch dark, we could scarcely see a yard before us, and therefore was the time admirably adapted to our hellish purpose. . . Morgan was standing with his back toward me, I approached him, and gave him a strong push with both my hands, which were placed on the middle of his back. He fell forward, carrying the weights with him, and the waters closed over the mass. We remained quiet for two or three minutes, when my companions, without saying a word, resumed their places, and rowed the boat to the place from which they had taken it.'"

I would never argue with a man’s death bed confession. If Brother Valance actually did, what it was clamed that he confessed to, he deserves any punishment he gets for the crime of murder. It was a terrible thing for anyone to have done. It is surely something that any modern Mason would condemn and I am sure that every man responsible for such a reprehensible act will be judged accordingly on judgment day by a just God.

However, should millions of God fearing Freemasons who live in peace 150 years latter, later be held accountable for the deplorable acts of 3 men who were Freemasons. It serves the Christian anti-Masons purpose much greater to say, “Freemasons murdered a man” then to say “Three evil men murdered a man.

Would all of you who feel that Freemasonry should be held responsible for the deplorable acts of 3 men even 150 years latter, please raise your hand.

Thank you, I am so glad you raised your hand. You are the ones who need an object lesson.

I am sure that as fair and just Christian men you realize that a just rule as all encompassing as “holding the organization responsible for the actions of a few” must also apply to other historical events.

Let us look a little further back in history to the period roughly between 1184 and 1230. That era was commonly called the Inquisition. That is the almost 50 year period in history when the “CHRISTIAN CHURCH” horrifically tortured and murdered thousands of innocent human beings, whose only crime was that they did not agree with the Christian Church.

Now, I can hear our good anti-Mason Baptist brothers loudly protesting, “It wasn’t us, it was them Catholic Christians.” That is the same argument the Freemasons from every other state could use, “It wasn’t us, it was them New York Masons,” But regardless, it was still the Christian Catholic Church and it’s Priests who terrorized the world at that time. And, it is also a historical fact that at that time, the Catholic Church (including the Eastern Orthodox) was the only Christian denomination in the world. So, it was Christians who committed torture and mass murders, in the name of God, for forty years.

If millions of men in the Masonic Fraternity must be held responsible for the murder of one man, that was committed by 3 radicals who were Freemasons, then it is equally just that all Christians (including myself) must be held responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of humans that was committed by Christians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I've never heard the Japanese hold Freemasons responsible for dropping the A-bombs during WWII, even though Pres. Truman was a Past Grand Master.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Corky In Texas said...

I would hope that you haven’t given the anti-Masons a new sin to blame on millions of American Freemasons. But, I really don't believe Harry did it as a Freeason.

I would have to believe he did it as a Christian President trying to end a war without costing thousands of deaths more then necessary.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Mary and the Widow's Son said...

I think an argument could be made that Truman wasn't acting as a Christian, either, when he ordered the bombs dropped on Japan. Killing others to save your own people may be "moral" but it's not something I think Jesus would have done. It was much more an Old Testament act than anything to do with the teachings of Christ.

Widow's Son

10:19 AM  
Blogger Corky In Texas said...

Brothers, first I want to thank you for taking the trouble to comment on the posts, either pro or con. As this Blog says at the top, I have no hope of changing anyone’s mind with my words, hut I do have hope they will make you think

I had hoped that the post, "The Morgan Affair - Justification To Condemn Millions?" was written well enough that everyone would have understood it’s argument was, it is unreasonable to judge a particular group of people because of the actions of some members of that group.

It escapes me somehow, how Harry Truman, being either a Freemason or a Christian or a President or a Democrat, has anything to do with the legitimacy of the post, or the premise that it is unreasonable to judge a particular group of people because of the actions of some members of that group.

In fact it appears to prove the legitimacy of the post. The Democratic Party, or Government Employees, or the Christian Religion, or the Masonic Lodge should not be blamed for the actions of a President who was a Christian, a Democrat, and a Freemason.

Regardless of the fact that President Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb was a justified sacrifice of the few for the sake of many, or an immoral act, the responsible for that decision rests on President Truman and not on all Freemasons, or all Christians.

7:07 AM  

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