Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is (Our Brother) The Pope A Catholic?

How many times have you heard someone ask a question like, “Is George Bush a Republican?” and, as an answer, you hear, “Is the pope a Catholic?” for an indisputable yes? I know I’ve used it myself to emphasize a yes as an answer to a question.

Well sir, it looks like I’ll have to start using, “Does a bear poop in the woods?”. The other day, I stumbled upon the assertion that one of the popes was not legally a pope, not even legally a Catholic, and worse yet, it was because he was a Freemason. A little bit of research on the internet quickly brought out the accusations that there was more then one pope who was a Freemason.

I had never given much thought to the fact that two of Lodge Brothers are practicing Catholics or even the fact that one of them is also an active member of the Knights Of Columbus, but having a pope as a Brother is something else.

Pope” John XXIII

Strong information that “Pope” John XXIII was a practicing Freemason surfaced a few years ago. Other allegations surface that he was also closely associated with Communists and illegally usurped the papacy from the lawfully elected and true Pontiff, Pope Gregory XVII.

The Portugal Daily News

(November 11, 2002)

Fatima International (FI), an historic review organization with offices in Australia , USA, Paraguay and Portugal, has issued a further press release claiming that Cardinal Angelo Roncalli, who was elected as Pope John XXlll in 1958, was a Freemason. In 1994 the Portuguese newspapers "O Dia" and "Correio de Domingo" published a summary of FI's investigations into the case, which stated that Pope John XXlll [Roncalli] had been initiated into a secret society, the Order of Rosicrucians, whilst serving as the Vatican's Charge d’Affairs in Paris during 1935.

The implications of FI's disclosures are of tremendous importance to Catholics worldwide. Under Canon Law any Catholic who becomes a Mason is ipso facto excommunicated from the Church. This means that Roncalli, would have been excommunicated and could not have been elected as a pope. FI also points out that any decrees issued by Roncalli under the mantle of the Papacy would therefore be null and void, including the convoking of the Second Vatican Council in 1962.

Then long-standing suspicions regarding John XXIII's links to Masonry were further aroused Then in 1977, after his death John XXIII, links to Masonry were further aroused when an advertisement published in the USA, Boston Pilot Magazine, offered for sale replicas of John XXIII's pectoral cross. The cross was decorated with several Masonic symbols and had been authorized for sale by Archbishop Capovilla of Loreto, Italy , with the backing of the Vatican.

Robert Bergin an Australian and a founder member of FI who spent the last years of his life trying to persuade the Vatican to investigate Roncalli' s Masonic connections was unsuccessful. This was of little surprise, because the Vatican also failed to respond to the an Italian journal that published a list of over one hundred bishops and cardinals that it declared were Freemasons.

Pope John Paul II

On January 1, 2004 Pope John Paul II called for a "new world order... based on the goals of the United Nations." Some believe that when a world leader uses this terminology, it can only mean one thing. He is a part of the Luciferian conspiracy to create a totalitarian world government.

Piers Compton, a former Catholic priest, claims the Papacy was actually subverted by the Illuminati in 1958 when John XXIII became Pope. This was the culmination of their centuries old movement to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church.

Pope Paul VI

“Cardinal Giovanni Montini, who succeeded John XXIII as Pope Paul VI in 1963, was also a Freemason and socialist. (In 1944 Pope Pius XII had dismissed him as Vatican Secretary of State for conducting secret negotiations with the Communists. 53)

Paul VI revealed his true colors in a speech to the United Nations in 1965: "It is your task here to proclaim the basic rights and duties of Man. You are the interpreters of all that is permanent in human wisdom; we could almost say of its sacred character."

In 1976, a list of 125 top clerics who were Freemasons in contravention of Church law was printed including the heads of Vatican radio and press, Catholic education as well as numerous high officials, Cardinals and Archbishops. It was claimed that because Paul VI was Pope (and a Freemason), nothing came of it. He was quoted in 1969, saying, "We are about to witness a greater freedom in the life of the Church...fewer obligations and fewer inward prohibitions. Formal disciplines will be reduced...every form of intolerance will be abolished." [Freemason thoughts?]

This repudiation of the church's spiritual authority was symbolized by giving the Papal Ring and his Pectoral Cross to Secretary General U Thant who sold them at an auction.”

I would hope that it could be true, because if it is, it could be the first phase in ending centuries of the condemnation of Freemasonry by the Catholic Church and we can exist as allies in trying, each in our own separate, but non-conflicting ways to make mankind better.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Keep em coming!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church will never accept Freemasonary. Their dogma is Thee Dogma; only they are the purveyers of Truth.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this post is true - and it probably is - why does the author hope that the Catholic Church will stop condemning Freemasonry if he's already proved that these men are not real popes? If they are not true popes, whether they condemn it or not really doesn't matter. They have no actual authority in the True Church.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a mason you worship Lucifer. Your eternal destiny is jeopardized. You must renounce Satan and find a good priest of the Catholic Church.

11:51 PM  

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