Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hello again Brothers

I started this blog because I had some things that I thought needed saying and as you can see, I got them off my chest. Since I've sounded off on most of my peeves I pretty much dropped out.

However, at almost 81, I still haven't stopped working for Freemasonry. I have been the Secretary for Waller Masonic Lodge #808 AF & AM in Waller, Texas (40 miles west of Houston.) for almost 2 years now., Also, for a couple of years, I have also been writing a 4 page print newsletter and an 8 or 10 page online version for the Waller brothers who have internet access.

This past July I started an online bi-monthly Masonic E-magazine to satisfy my creative urge. It is titled the “Small Town Texas Masonic E-mag” and each issue features a small town Texas Lodge, a Texas Masonic hero and many stories about Masonry in Texas, in the USA and the world.

The July/August issue featured Waller Lodge #808 and Texans Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight . The September/October issued featured Hempstead Lodge #749 and the36 men who were killed with the Mier Expedition and 18 executed from the Dawson Expedition. The November/December issue featured Chalk Mountain #894 and Stephen F. Austin.

Beginning with the January 09 issue the e-mag became a monthly magazine. The January issue features Post Oak Island Lodge #181 and Sam Houston.

If you enjoy reading about Freemasonry, please give it a try at,

On another subject, I have been getting comments every once in a while on a posted story that I would like to answer with a personal note. Of course the comments do not include your email address. So if you have a comment or question that needs an answer send an email to me instead of/or in addition to your “comment” to,


Blogger Masonic Traveler said...

Br. Corky, Good to see you back!

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

1:35 AM  

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